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किताब पढ़ने का सुख

#किताब के पीले पन्ने पलटने का सुख;

बिस्तर पर लेटकर,

पढ़ते हुए नाक में आती खुशबू;

और पढ़ते पढ़ते सो जाना,

चश्मा लगाकर ही।

पिताजी किसी समय रात को

दोनों टेबल पर रख देते।

कहाँ वो सुख पीडीएफ़ में,

कहाँ वो मज़ा #किन्डल में!

worldBook Day

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दिग्भ्रम का जाल निकाल कर, सही और सच को तोलिये

राजनीतिक पार्टियों की हवा यूँ चली, मानवता सड़ते देख रहा हूँ।

अपने ही दोस्तों, हमवतनों को आपस में लड़ते देख रहा हूँ।

पार्टियों को सत्ता से मतलब है, यही उनकी शक्ति है,

ये आपको क्या हुआ है, ये किस तरह की भक्ति है।


उनके घर चलते रहेंगे, उनके चापलूस इलेक्शन लड़ते रहेंगे,

आप मनमुटाव में जीकर, बस उनका घर भरते रहेंगे।

ये किस तरह का बचपना है, ये हरकतें कितनी बचकानी है,

आज नेता आपका सबकुछ है, ये किस तरह की नादानी है।


जो सक्षम है, अमरिका, कनाडा, सिडनी में बस जाएंगे,

आप तालियां ही बजाएंगे? क्या मरते मारते रह जाएंगे?

जिन आंखों को मूंद लिया है, उन आँखों को खोलिये,

दिग्भ्रम का जाल निकाल कर, सही और सच को तोलिये।

— पीयूष कविराज

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King in the North: Also the King on the Earth!

Its official!

And I am not talking about the Korean dictator.

The White Wolf aka the King in the North was voted to emerge as the winner in the GoT poll, winning 35% of 1,666,642 votes. Hail Democracy!!

Now, off to welcome the Winter: “The Long Night is coming, and the dead come with it”.

got 2


Details can be found at: Game of Thrones voting

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What’s in a name!

They say what’s in a name!

Well, it seems there is, and a lot; sometimes, an awful lot.

A name may assume a silly meaning in cross cultural contexts and no one knows it better than this gentleman.

This Viatnamese Australian person has all the reason to get irritated when he says “Nobody seems to believe me when I say that my full legal name is how you see it.” Facebook has blocked him umpteen times considering the words spelt in his name. Out of frustration, he uploaded his passport scan to prove his name is what he writes.

And now his name: Mr. Phuc Dat Bich.


Mind you! It is pronounced as “Phoo Da Bic”





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Bhagat Singh and our deaf conscience…… by Ashish Tripathi (TOI blogs)

A nice article on Bhagat Singh and why he shouldn’t be ignored. He gains even more relevance as once again, we are moving to an era where everything may fall on deaf ears. Barring Aam Aadmi Party, none of the parties could even organise a decent commemoration of Bhagat Singh’s birthday.

Aditi Sahu

Many paid tributes to Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri on October 2. In comparison, only few paid homage to Bhagat Singh on his birth anniversary on September 28, recalled brave deeds of the martyr and cursed contemporary politicians for not following Shaheed-e-Azam’s ideology. The big question, however, is how many of us actually know about the ideas of the legendary revolutionary, which, I believe, are more relevant today.
The bombs hurled in the Central Assembly were not just to `make deaf hear’ but also to oppose the repressive bills aimed at curtailing freedom of press, curb civil liberties and restrict rights of workers. We may or may not agree with the method of protest but cannot disagree with his idea of India – free, just and equitable system where the voice of weakest of weak is heard and addressed.
Here is the complete text (courtesy http://www.shahidbhagatsingh.org) of the leaflet…

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