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Review of Bollywood movie PK by Aditi Sahu

“A lesson that the worst can come in the best of the packages..”

A complete, unbiased review of the Amir Khan Starrer movie ‘PK’ by Miss Aditi Sahu ! Keep it up! None of the newspapers got it this correct. The original review can be reached at https://aditisahu.wordpress.com/2014/12/25/review-bollywood-movie-pk/


Aditi Sahu

And here’s to the most anticipated film of the year ( I’m not sure about others, definitely for me)……
A lesson that the worst can come in the best of the packages..

Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani Christmas releases are always looked forward to by all my family members, as these are the few movies we like to turn into family extravaganzas..thanks to the sensibility of both the director and the awe-inspiring actor! This was no different…

Oh what a shock I was in for while the movie had barely ran past the interval…

The first-half is genuinely funny. Aamir Khan as the bewildered alien lost on this unpredictable, diverse planet brings out genuine guffaws. His new concepts of stealing from ‘dancing cars’, trying to buy food from papers featuring Mahatma Gandhi’s photo, his mistaken lusty characteristics and his attempts to find God were indeed endearing. His interaction with real…

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