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A safer place for women- How?

With reference to several articles on the recent ‘Uber’ incidence, don’t we think we have reached a stage where we just debate the consequences without doing some groundwork to prevent the unfortunate happenings. If our society is so dominated by male-chauvinism, with our full realisation, did we ever take any step to make it moderate and civilized!

Unfortunately, NO. Its not that we are suddenly realizing these evils. They were always there. It has been in recent decades that the media takes upon these topics and has been successful in creating some awareness. Woman commission has always been there, schools, teachers parents clergy, priests, bollywood and all the proponents of good and correct path were always there. Why didn’t then we teach our children the true values. One may argue that moral education classes in schools is a waste of time. How can it be if taken through correct discourse? Moral education as curriculum and inculcating moral values are two different things.
As we teach our children not to steal money or rob people of their belongings but help the blind cross the road, we have to teach them to respect women and their body and to understand that a woman’s no means NO. Here we have a general notion that there is a yes even in a girl’s no (Remember, Ladki ki naa me bhi haan hoti hai?). I myself have joked over this many times and i do feel sorry about this. We have to teach our children from an early age that women are not objects/commodities on which betting and ownership can be claimed. Parents, being the first teachers have to take up this responsibility so that the next generation is more civilized and learns to respect women.Jpeg
Charity begins at home. Let’s prevent future embarrassments by investing in today’s children. Empowerment won’t come through media debates but by doing our homeworks!
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