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दिग्भ्रम का जाल निकाल कर, सही और सच को तोलिये

राजनीतिक पार्टियों की हवा यूँ चली, मानवता सड़ते देख रहा हूँ।

अपने ही दोस्तों, हमवतनों को आपस में लड़ते देख रहा हूँ।

पार्टियों को सत्ता से मतलब है, यही उनकी शक्ति है,

ये आपको क्या हुआ है, ये किस तरह की भक्ति है।


उनके घर चलते रहेंगे, उनके चापलूस इलेक्शन लड़ते रहेंगे,

आप मनमुटाव में जीकर, बस उनका घर भरते रहेंगे।

ये किस तरह का बचपना है, ये हरकतें कितनी बचकानी है,

आज नेता आपका सबकुछ है, ये किस तरह की नादानी है।


जो सक्षम है, अमरिका, कनाडा, सिडनी में बस जाएंगे,

आप तालियां ही बजाएंगे? क्या मरते मारते रह जाएंगे?

जिन आंखों को मूंद लिया है, उन आँखों को खोलिये,

दिग्भ्रम का जाल निकाल कर, सही और सच को तोलिये।

— पीयूष कविराज


No one wants war, yet no one denies it

Given the first opportunity, states have jumped into the warzones on command of the so called administrators, having mandate of their citizens. In the name of the land and people, wars are summoned and brought to the shores of those very citizens’ home. We all know and understand who has to bear the brunt of wars, strives and conflicts. Insurgency across borders, quest to seize more land, desire to have new nations, fanaticism to propagate one’s religion, or the insatiable hunger to be the world power have lead to numerous expeditions throughout the history, be it Alexander the ‘great’ or Hitler; ISIS or Chechen; China or USA.

The recent photographs of a drowned Kurdish child have been doing the rounds across the internet. It is actually ironic that the selfish needs of few lead to horrific experience for millions of innocents. As the photographer, Nilufer herself has accepted how difficult it was to click those pictures. She claimed her reaction on seeing the corpse of the small toddler was “becoming petrified”. In her own words, “Three-year-old Aylan Kurdi was lying lifeless face down in the surf, in his red t-shirt and dark blue shorts folded to his waist. The only thing I could do was to make his outcry heard” She took the pictures to share her feeling and make an “outcry”


Let’s ask ourselves honestly. Who is responsible for Aylan’s death? Who is responsible for the death of Children in USA, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand our very own country? It’s all of US-every single person from each country who remains nothing but mute spectator while carrying out the daily chores for him/her and the immediate family members.

We will make hues and cries on the social media for a few days. Some of us are so damned that we do it mostly in hope of getting more likes and retweets. Oh yes, Candle light processions are not to be forgotten, for a few days and then…. who cares! Life moves on, so do we.


Another crisis till I write another article, self-bashing. Let me enjoy till then.

Piyush Kaviraj


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Gandhi Bot and Respect to Gandhi

Gandhi Bot and Respect to Gandhi

We all pay homage to the Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi every year on Gandhi Jayanti, celebrating it as a dry day. And one fool of a comapny in capitalist US used his name and picture on beer cans and bottles. How disgusting, disrespectful, idotic, irresponsible and shameful behavior! They have insulted Gandhi, India and the feeling of respect to our great hero, our national icon. How dare they!
To us Gandhi is as important as Goddess Lakshmi. To us, he is as important as our dignity in the society and to us, he is as important as our currency notes which give us that dignity. And they disrespected him. Thankfully, someone has filed a case against this fool of a company at Cyberabad, contending that Gandhi’s image on the alcohol cans  by the brewery is highly condemnable and punishable under Indian laws like Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971, and 124-A of IPC (related to use of inflammatory words, signs or visible representation).
TO this, the company replies, “We do apologize if the good people of India find our Gandhi-Bot label offensive. Our intent is not to offend anyone but rather pay homage and celebrate a great man who we respect greatly. They go on with blatant display of shame in saying “Aromatic and fully vegetarian, Gandhi-bolt is an ideal aid for self-purification and the seeking of truth and love”
And they dont stop here. They are adding punchlines- “We hope that not only our product is consumed responsibly with fine food and friends but that they are also inspired to learn more about Mahatma Gandhi and his non-violent methods of civil disobedience. So many Indian people here in American love our tribute to the great man,”
They should learn how to respect Gandhi from us, Indians.  His statues keep on biting dust, for 363 days a year, sometimes, 365.25 as well! His principles long forgotten by all except a politically retarded old man in white caps and an ‘anarchist’ chief-minister. This year was even great. People were busy taking selfies and photographs with brooms, because Gandhi believed in cleanliness. Its really great that a PM helped his citizens remember Gandhi’s cleanliness freak 77 years after his death. Thousands of roads and streets have been named after Gandhi. Do we even think twice before spitting on the same roads! We stock alcohol on 1st October to celebrate the dry next day. That’s how we respect Gandhi! Who cares for Gandhi, except for the fact that his face appears on the notes. The notes which is circulated in so many hands in a day and finally kept in wallets, near the bums. Occasionally, to avoid breathing difficulties to Gandhi, people also have to fart. This is how we celebrate the cult called Gandhigiri
i.mg 1000
Who resorts to non-violence after drinking, except the Munna bhai saying Lage raho! Who cares to bow to any statue of him even for a second. And who walks without slippers on roads named after him!
I request Arnab Goswami, on behalf of our countrymen to raise this issue in his show so that Gandhi meets justice, as his shows have far-reaching effects.

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A safer place for women- How?

With reference to several articles on the recent ‘Uber’ incidence, don’t we think we have reached a stage where we just debate the consequences without doing some groundwork to prevent the unfortunate happenings. If our society is so dominated by male-chauvinism, with our full realisation, did we ever take any step to make it moderate and civilized!

Unfortunately, NO. Its not that we are suddenly realizing these evils. They were always there. It has been in recent decades that the media takes upon these topics and has been successful in creating some awareness. Woman commission has always been there, schools, teachers parents clergy, priests, bollywood and all the proponents of good and correct path were always there. Why didn’t then we teach our children the true values. One may argue that moral education classes in schools is a waste of time. How can it be if taken through correct discourse? Moral education as curriculum and inculcating moral values are two different things.
As we teach our children not to steal money or rob people of their belongings but help the blind cross the road, we have to teach them to respect women and their body and to understand that a woman’s no means NO. Here we have a general notion that there is a yes even in a girl’s no (Remember, Ladki ki naa me bhi haan hoti hai?). I myself have joked over this many times and i do feel sorry about this. We have to teach our children from an early age that women are not objects/commodities on which betting and ownership can be claimed. Parents, being the first teachers have to take up this responsibility so that the next generation is more civilized and learns to respect women.Jpeg
Charity begins at home. Let’s prevent future embarrassments by investing in today’s children. Empowerment won’t come through media debates but by doing our homeworks!
© 2014 Piyush Kaviraj

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Cheering up our cancer patients – I

Cancer, being a major killer, affects almost every family on this earth, directly or indirectly. The lack of enough awareness and proper cure often leads to poor response from patients, impacting their survival and the quality of life. Treatment, especially chemotherapy/radiotherapy have many side-effects, with hair loss being the most prominent. Other effects include changes in skin texture and coloration, and ulcers. Physical features, especially hairs,  are always a prized possession for all of us, and remains a matter of concern. Often, they are an indication of our health as well as well being- socially, culturally and financially.
Cancer treatment being a costly affair adds to the severe discomfort and side-effects faced by the patients. All these start affecting the patients psychologically and a feeling of guilt may develop. Guilt of being a family wrecker, guilt of being  a cause of nuisance to all, guilt of letting time and money go waste, without any hope of return. Each moment in front of the mirror reminds them of their situation and misery. Loss of hair, being the hallmark of cancer treatment, isn’t the bullet-mark of pride to a soldier. Loss of hair is the remnant scar which the cancer has afflicted upon the patients. Such scars may even lead to various negative thoughts. Being irritated all the time is a normal behavior. Frequent mood swings and emotional outbursts may be encountered. At times, one may loose temper and may be insulting as well.

Does this mean we, the relatives, the caretakers and the well-wishers should remain helpless? That getting irritated and sometimes yelling may be the natural reaction to their sufferings has to be understood. We can practice not getting agitated by such reactions, even though we may have to face it several times a week. We can imagine ourselves in their situation to understand their agony. We can always take the lead and initiatives to cheer up our unfortunate friends.
A smile on face is always a welcome step.  We can often compliment our patients about their inner beauty and the bravery with which they are facing the situation. How they are the inspiration to millions like us who start complaining at the drop of a hat. How the presence and absence of hair has no bearing on our liking them should be stressed. We being their first world are more important to them than other individuals, and vice versa is true should also be conveyed to them. We can always tell them how important and precious they are to us, irrespective of their hair; for its they who are important, and not their hair and physical features. We can also quote the religious scriptures, for they provide with the much needed spiritual guidance.


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