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Spread happiness to stay happy

Movies like “Bawarchi”, “Anand” and “Kal Ho Na Ho” portray characters who can meet, mingle with and befriend any fellow human being on this earth. Making friends and winning confidence of people looks like the easiest thing to them. They bring a glowing smile on the face and an aura of happiness around. Are such people confined only to movies? Is it a difficult task to undertake and execute in the real world?

Do such people have some special talent to achieve this? I don’t think so! To open ourselves to meet some stranger and spread happiness around him or her is not an un-achievable feat. It requires a change. A positive vibe and a self confidence, powerful enough to reassure those around us. However, those changes have to be explored or inculcated within us. Some may find it difficult in the beginning but it shows good results. It may be acquired like a reflex with continuous practice.

People may ask  about relevance of such a habit. Is it worth enough to take such pains to modify ourselves in order to improve the conditions around us. Yes! it is. It is worth and it will always be relevant, in all ages. Don’t we often complain about lack of a healthy and good environment at work-place, hostels, classrooms, societies etc. There is a lacuna which has to be filled to make the environment healthy and conducive to productivity. This rectification can be done by changing our attitude, the way we think and our approach to life. The balance in nature demands a continuous and dynamic give-and-take relationship. So if we want happiness and positive vibes, we have to take measures to begin this ourselves, from within each one of us.

Let us practice this art. As the saying goes, we get what we give, sooner or later. Lets us spread happiness and get some in return.

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A Date with Oneself – Revisiting Solitude

A well written article by a friend, Pooja Shah- “A Date with Oneself – Revisiting Solitude”

Solitude, a pristine state of being by ourselves. A state of being alone and feeling the happiness within. A state where we are not bothered by what the world thinks about us, our actions, and our inaction. A state where we reconnect with our inner voice and have detailed discussions and explanations of what’s done, what we are doing and we intend to do and WHY. Though most of the times the questions we put forth are never answered, the feeling of just talking it out in our mind is enough for unburdening ourselves.

A lot of people tend to confuse Solitude with Loneliness, but I feel Loneliness is just a part of the spectrum. Others ranging from happiness to sadness, fear to anxiety, compassion to sympathy, enthusiasm to boredom, anger to pity, strengths to weaknesses and a lot more.

 I have always found a deep connection of Solitude with sleeplessness, just not sure about which really influences the other. Saying that I won’t deny experiencing the same in the middle of the day right in the midst of hundreds of thousands of people in a crowded marketplace or even just at dawn or dusk by the seashore. Just a walk early in the morning, or a few minutes of meditation, or staring at the sun going down, or sitting by the window with a mug of coffee staring out at pouring rain, would render you into the boundless world of solitude. The enthralling bliss is addictive and sensational.

 The experience quite leaves us with a positive attitude to tackle all the issues raised in the conscious of our mind. I feel like an armor clad warrior ready to take on the battles life throws at us after a brief episode of Solitude. It feels like preparing for an exam I need to take up, but the only difference being that despite intense preparation, I always remain in the realm of doubt whether I will pass out or fa(i)ll back in.

 The divinity it afflicts on us is miraculous and heart warming. The serenity and calmness that is inflicted as the aftereffect is surreal. No one is perfect and each day passes with desires to be fulfilled, dreams to be achieved and standards to be established. Solitude is just one way of inching closer to all of these.

 With this I hope a lot of people start dating with that one person you are sure shot to fall in Love with over and over again- YOURSELF, and give Solitude a chance to explore the unexplored part of YOU.

Published by Ms Pooja Shah on July 6, 2014 at 11:15pm

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