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King in the North: Also the King on the Earth!

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Its official!

And I am not talking about the Korean dictator.

The White Wolf aka the King in the North was voted to emerge as the winner in the GoT poll, winning 35% of 1,666,642 votes. Hail Democracy!!

Now, off to welcome the Winter: “The Long Night is coming, and the dead come with it”.

got 2


Details can be found at: Game of Thrones voting

Author: piyushKAVIRAJ

Author of "Mahlon Ko Bikte Dekha Hai", Crumpled Voices 2, Jazbaati Galiyaan; Avid reader and writer, love for languages, especially Hindi. Aspiring socio-political activist. Poet and philanthrope!! Have been writing poetry since school days and trying to write better poems with every passing day. We owe so many things to the society and we can't get rid of our responsibility of returning the favour. Trying to contribute to society through writing and any other help possible, be it through guidance to students, cancer patients and their relatives or blood donors.

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