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अच्छे दिन के सपने

मौसम और फिजा,

दोनों में खुशहाली है.


पर्वतों पर झरने हैं,

पर खेतो में बदहाली है.


बसों में इतनी भीड़ है,

सड़कें भी सवाली हैं


मंडियों में सब्ज़ी है,

पर बटुए की तंगहाली है.


दिए तो हर घर में हैं,

पर कितनों की दिवाली है?


होंठों पर रंगीनियत है,

पर मन में सिर्फ गाली है!


अच्छे दिन के सपने हैं,

वो सुबह कब आने वाली है!!


-पीयूष कविराज

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Oh Life, Forgive Me!

Oh Life, Forgive Me!

Oh life!
forgive me;
for all the sadness,
I bestow upon you!

Oh life!
forget me!
for all the memories,
I have ruined for you!

Oh life!
remit me!
for all the sins,
I have committed by you!

Oh life!
relieve me!
for all the inaction,
I have stalled upon you!


© Piyush Kumar

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Public Expectations and Government: in search of ‘Achhe Din’


In the recent past, someone had remarked- Modi is probably the last gamble by Indian public. And the citizens left no stone unturned in order not to have any regret left for not giving a majority to Modi sarkar. Riding on a Modi wave, full support from media and a whirlwind of expectations, BJP got a thumping majority and NaMo became the PM, to the delight of millions.

But there lies the glitch. The lured public clearly wants results as the wait for good days or ‘Achhe Din’ has been in suspension for more than 60 years. It was visible through daily scrutiny of the Aam Aadmi Party government at Delhi. Continuing with the same, the public would keep the NaMo sarkar under scanner till it is relieved of its daily tensions, from workplace to home, from social development to economic strengthening. The public is, but losing its patience in an exasperated hope of reviving the situation.

In such a situation, every move of the government would be introspected as per merit and it won’t be easy for the new government which already knows that governing India during the present situation is the crown of thorns marred by acute inflation, chronic poverty, mounting unemployment, snail pace development, fractured economy and beleaguered finances. Hence massive reforms are needed to counter the problems. The honeymoon period with media already seems to be jolted with hash tags of ‘achhe din delayed’ and ‘bitter rail pill”. Price regulation for petroleum is not my forte but the government will have to bear the brunt with every increment. Though minor hiccups were felt during Iraq problem and the ‘Hindi circular’, the first tremor has come with the rail fare and freight hike. There seems to be huge disappointment among people, especially the daily and regular commuters of railways. The cost of Mumbai sub-urban passes have gone up with 200-300% increase, not to mention the first and second AC fare is already giving stiff competition to the low-cost airlines. No doubt many people will prefer to spend a few bucks more to save 10-20 hours, through air journey. However, the sleeper and general class  passengers have a compulsion to remain loyal to their railways, even though it means shelling out extra bucks from their savings. Finance Minister asks if we want a world class railway or the present dilapidated one. Well, Jaitleyji, the rail makeover to world class can’t be achieved through fare hike. There is a limit to it. Price hike could be a necessity with the continuing inflation and that may be a reason good enough. Is there a need to issue such statements?

No doubt it is difficult to stand up to the public expectations as it has almost lost all the hopes on the traditional politicians, most of them christened with murder/rape and baptized with criminal cases. The level of saturation is dangerously close as was evident during Anna’s India against corruption movement with mass participation of public, swarming to the call against the prevailing issues. It was in full public glare when huge protests erupted against the heinously barbaric Nirbhaya incident. It has been clearly visible among the angry Delhi people since Arvind Kejriwal resigned. The frustration that has been building up since 60 years is something which shouldn’t be exploited otherwise. This is the time to perform or perish, in a reasonable time, without unreasonable arguments and statements. Because, Janata maaf nahi karegi!!

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Regulars at the ‘greatest show on earth’ – The Hindu

Regulars at the ‘greatest show on earth’ – The Hindu.


I vividly recall Diego Maradona running towards the crowd to celebrate before the ball had crossed the goal-line. He was so sure of what was going to happen and we will always cherish having witnessed that momentous happening in person,” Chaitali Chatterjee says remembering the unforgettable goal in the 1986 FIFA World Cup where the Argentine footballer worked his magic to score the second goal in the quarterfinal against England.

Ms. Chaitali is the pillar of support for her octogenarian husband Pannalal Chatterjee, whose insatiable desire to be a part of the “greatest show on earth” has fuelled repeated journeys across the world over the last 32 years.

“We were initiated into it by a family friend, who stays in London. During one of our visits to him in 1982 he volunteered to take us to the World Cup in Spain. Though it was a one-match affair, we got addicted to the splendour and magnificence of the event and decided to repeat it in a bigger way in the next edition,” says Mr. Chatterjee before leaving for his ninth successive World Cup journey, this time to Brazil.

“Before our world Cup ventures we went across the country to see the Santosh Trophy for 23 successive years since 1970,” says the former Calcutta Port Trust employee to impress upon his intense association with the sport. “I had been a member of the governing body of the Indian Football Association for 11 years between 1970 and 1983 and am still associated in an administrative capacity with Sikkim Gold Cup,” Mr. Chatterjee adds.

The Chatterjees, who live in a one-room apartment in Kidderpore in south-west Kolkata, decided to shun the comforts of life and painstakingly save for four years to realise the dream.

Their next trip to Mexico in 1986 made them a part of one of the most talked-about football World Cups. “It was like a dream come true when we witnessed one of the best goals ever in the history of football,” says Mr. Chatterjee. “More so, we had the company of two legendary Indian footballers – Chuni Goswami and Sailen Manna – who made the moment event more memorable,” he added.

While having witnessed Maradona’s transformation to a God of football with Argentina’s triumph in the final against Germany, the Mexican sojourn also remains memorable to the Chatterjee couple for their ‘banditos’ experience. “We, including Chuni da and Sailen da, were robbed at gun point by a group of Mexican men on our way to Mexico City. ,” remembers Mrs. Chatterjee.

“We kept visiting all the World Cups after that and saw the tournament at various stages according to our ability.

We were fortunate to see another historic final, the one in 1998 where Zinedine Zidane got France its first World Cup and joined the greats of world football,” says Mr. Chatterejee hoping to see something more memorable this time.

“Brazil is considered the Mecca of world football and we hope to see something special,” he says. The couple will be watching four round-of-16 matches.

They have also been promised two VIP tickets of a quarterfinal match from the Indian broadcaster Sony Television, as an acknowledgement of their passion for the sport. “If we manage to save enough money, we will also try to watch the semi-finals and even the final,” Mr. Chatterjee says looking at his wife, who nods assuredly.


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Angels and pets: the convergence!

Pets and Angels!! by Aditi Sahu!!

Aditi Sahu

For this category of people, coming back home after a hectic day of work is more often than not, uneventful. Reach home, freshen up, dine and go off to sleep. Interspersed in between are activities like TV, office work, home work, etc.Most weekends could also be ascribed comparatively dull. Wake up to the sun blazing at your face, breakfast in bed, lazy lunch and maybe an occasional evening outing for movie or dinner.
Then, there exists an  altogether different category of people. Lets tentatively call these people “category-2”. People with pets, more specifically Dogs: the most interactive, lovable and affable pets humans can keep. Coming back from work is an altogether different experience for these people. Nothing short of pure joy, actually. When the stupid pet of yours comes running towards you like a maniac, like he has not seen you for ages (the actual separation not being more than…

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उत्तर प्रदेश के जानवर

टीवी पर ‘आप की अदालत’ के कटघरे में अखिलेश यादव हैं. बात अमूल कंपनी के UP में आगमन की हो रही थी. अखिलेशजी ने कहा की अमूल वहाँ आ रही है क्योंकि शायद वहाँ जानवर ज्यादा हैं.

शायद सच ही है. जंगलराज तो वहीँ चल रहा है. दरिंदगी की खबरें तो वहीँ से आ रही हैं. अमानवीय घटनाएं तो वहीँ हो रही हैं. लेकिन उनका कहना है की मीडिया में और प्रदश के बाहर नकारात्मक खबरों का प्रचार किया जा रहा है. हो सकता है आप सही हों. लेकिन आप इतने पॉजिटिव काम करके क्यों नहीं दिखाते की ये दुष्प्रचार बंद हो. लैपटॉप तो दिया आपने, किन्तु लैपटॉप चार्ज करने के लिए बिजली भी मुहैया करवाइए.. दंगो पर भी काबू पाइए वरना जब हर पल मौत का साया रहेगा तो इंसान जान बचाने की कोशिश करेगा, लैपटॉप चलाने की नहीं. यहाँ बिजली भी है, लैपटॉप भी है, facebook भी है. लेकिन facebook पैर भी सिर्फ बलात्कार और बदाऊं ही दिख रहा है!!!

वरना हम ये सोचने पर विवश हो जायेंगे कि आखिर UP में ये जानवर आए कहाँ से!!!



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सड़क अपघात

एक कार उद्दंड हो उठी …

ब्रह्म-मुहूर्त में केंद्रीय मंत्री गोपीनाथ मुंडेजी का निधन हो गया. जन-नेता की कमी महाराष्ट्र में दिख रही है.

सवाल है बढ़ते अपघात और सड़क-हिंसा का. कभी नशे की हालत में तो कभी सिग्नल तोड़ने के चक्कर में; कभी आगे निकलने की होड़ में तो कभी जल्दी घर पहुचने की हड़बड़ी में नित बुरी घटनाएं होती रहती है. सड़क-नियम का पालन करने वाले भी कभी कभी इसकी चपेट में आ जाते है. सवाल तो कई उठेंगे. जवाब क्या है? हम तो उस विचारधारा से हैं जिसमे हेलमेट या सीट-बेल्ट का उपयोग ट्रैफिक-पुलिस की फाइन से बचने के लिए करते हैं, अपनी सुरक्षा के लिए नहीं. स्वस्थ्य मंत्री का कहना है की सड़क सुरक्षा हेतु पब्लिक में जागरूकता बढ़ाने की ज़रूरत हैं. ये पब्लिक है महोदय, सब जानती है; जानबूझ कर ऐसा करती है. ऐसे में कोई करे तो क्या करे!!

आज की फटाफट ज़िन्दगी में संयम कहाँ से लायें? मोबाइल फ़ोन पर बात करने का समय कहा से लायें? सब स्टीयरिंग पर ही होना है. ज़िन्दगी ने भी तो स्टीयरिंग दे रखा है!! इसको कब संभालेंगे हम!

एक बार खुद से सवाल करते हैं- क्या सचमुच कार उद्दंड हुई थी !!!


— piyush.KAVIRAJ…

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