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From what to how!!

A new perspective to Story of the Tortoise!! Do read.. Don’t teach what to do and what to ask. Teach how to do and how to ask. Empower people, don’t spoon-feed them!


Newton, Einstein, Edison, Graham Bell, Hooks, etc . Well, most of the famous names which we keep hearing are not Indian.

Every new technology, new successful ideas, new theories- all come from some other country.

We have the richest resources, the best brains, and a competitive manpower but still, we trust imported things and prefer them to the Indian products.

Why ???

Any answer???

 As you all know, when we were children, we came across the story about a rabbit and a tortoise in which tortoise won the race even though it was slow.

Ok that’s nice.

Now if I ask what is the moral of story then I am sure each one of us will say that “slow and steady wins the race”.

Really great, amazing.   Why did it happen that everyone learnt the same moral???

You know why?

Because we were taught so.

For me moral…

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