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Why no experience could really be a bad experience – The Hindu

Why no experience could really be a bad experience – The Hindu.


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What is the shame about?

I have no idea how my friends and peer would react if I have to tell them, while crossing a Pharmacist/general store, that I have to buy a sanitary pad for a female friend or my sister. Its a taboo word which brings nothing less than a wicked smile and a silly sense of embarassment. Menstruation and sanitary pads are sort of forbidden words which can only be ‘whisper’ed, not openly acknowledged or discussed. Prerna .has stayed-free of the pressures of our hypocrite and pseudo-modern society and blogged the following: Well written and Kudos!! I hope this article would serve as an eye-opener to many! Read on…


I go to the medical shop and ask for a sanitary Napkin.

First, I myself use a euphemism to a ‘pad’. I then correct myself, and say, bhaiiya Pad chahiye.

Then I think, why didn’t I just call it a pad first? What is wrong with a pad? It does not sound wrong? Why was I so sophisticated about it? I decide, that next time I come, I will call it a pad directly, no euphemisms. I won’t even use the company’s name until the shopkeeper asks my choice.

Then he asked me the company, I told him, Stayfree. He asked me the size. I told him. A friend of mine from college, a male friend came inside the shop. I smiled at him. He  saw me holding the pack of pads. Then he took his pills and went on his way. He did not even talk to me. He was shy that he ‘caught’ me buying pads.

Then the shopkeeper suddenly emerged with a newspaper, and two polythenes. He took a newspaper, wrapped up my pad, then took up a white polythene, and then put the white polythene in the black polythene.

I said, “Bhaiiya, bomb nahi hai. Aur itna plastic waste mat kariye. Charas leke nahi jaa rahi.” ( Bhaiiya, it is not a bomb, and do not waste so much plastic. I am not taking hashish anyway.)

He just looked at me with a confused look. I removed the polythene, and all the cover ups he had given the mighty packet of pads. I was not even carrying a bag. I just took the plain Stayfree packet in my hand, and I WALKED towards home. And by home I mean college. I live in my college.

Sadly the route I took inside college had nobody. Nobody could see what I had done. I just wished somebody saw me with the packet. Because I  bet their reactions would have been priceless- shocked, and flustered.

Why? Why is a packet of pad a matter of shame that it has to be covered up? Why is that it is not simply thought of as medicare? I bleed in a gap of 27 days every month and hell, so did your mother, so does your sister, so does your girlfriend. It is not a matter of shame- it is actually a sign of the health of a woman. Please, I hold hands and I beg of you, not to buy a black polythene covered pad. Just throw it directly in the shopping basket.

And my dad buys sanitary napkin for me, if my mother is unwell and I can’t go out for some reason. Guys, if you are told by your girl-friends, girlfriends, wives, sisters or mothers to buy a pack of pads- do not be ashamed. It is not a matter of shame- it is something a girl needs and it need not be a matter of shame. Please, try and be logical about this. It is not a matter of being flustered. I bleed, I need something to cover it up, and you are buying it, and I am buying, and if you are a seller you are selling it, you don’t have to cover it up under polythenes over polythenes. It just symbolises our society- covered up with hypocrisies and bullshit and whatever is underneath gets lost.


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A Date with Oneself – Revisiting Solitude

A well written article by a friend, Pooja Shah- “A Date with Oneself – Revisiting Solitude”

Solitude, a pristine state of being by ourselves. A state of being alone and feeling the happiness within. A state where we are not bothered by what the world thinks about us, our actions, and our inaction. A state where we reconnect with our inner voice and have detailed discussions and explanations of what’s done, what we are doing and we intend to do and WHY. Though most of the times the questions we put forth are never answered, the feeling of just talking it out in our mind is enough for unburdening ourselves.

A lot of people tend to confuse Solitude with Loneliness, but I feel Loneliness is just a part of the spectrum. Others ranging from happiness to sadness, fear to anxiety, compassion to sympathy, enthusiasm to boredom, anger to pity, strengths to weaknesses and a lot more.

 I have always found a deep connection of Solitude with sleeplessness, just not sure about which really influences the other. Saying that I won’t deny experiencing the same in the middle of the day right in the midst of hundreds of thousands of people in a crowded marketplace or even just at dawn or dusk by the seashore. Just a walk early in the morning, or a few minutes of meditation, or staring at the sun going down, or sitting by the window with a mug of coffee staring out at pouring rain, would render you into the boundless world of solitude. The enthralling bliss is addictive and sensational.

 The experience quite leaves us with a positive attitude to tackle all the issues raised in the conscious of our mind. I feel like an armor clad warrior ready to take on the battles life throws at us after a brief episode of Solitude. It feels like preparing for an exam I need to take up, but the only difference being that despite intense preparation, I always remain in the realm of doubt whether I will pass out or fa(i)ll back in.

 The divinity it afflicts on us is miraculous and heart warming. The serenity and calmness that is inflicted as the aftereffect is surreal. No one is perfect and each day passes with desires to be fulfilled, dreams to be achieved and standards to be established. Solitude is just one way of inching closer to all of these.

 With this I hope a lot of people start dating with that one person you are sure shot to fall in Love with over and over again- YOURSELF, and give Solitude a chance to explore the unexplored part of YOU.

Published by Ms Pooja Shah on July 6, 2014 at 11:15pm

More at: https://www.facebook.com/notes/pooja-shah/a-date-with-oneself-revisiting-solitude/669585629756605 

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The Girl who Didn’t know Tendulkar !

Cricket- the religion and the path of solace and nirvana to the sports-nationalists and lovers, has Sachin Tendulkar as its undisputed Indian God. The God who commands enough respect, fan-following and loyalty to bring the nation to a halt. There was a time when television sets would be shut off as soon as Tendulkar would get out.

Such was the craze and such is the dedication for Tendulkar. He could overshadow any batsmen with his skills and innovations and would tear apart any bowling attack on this earth. He pulled the chain of the Rawalpindi express like no other, in this journey of cricket. His shots have been copied, emulated and perfected by his self-declared  disciples all across the globe. The Globe of cricket! The globe of Cricket fans!! The globe of Indian cricket fans!!!

Yes, our world of sports and nationalism starts with cricket and ends on Tendulkar. And in the process, we forgot all other sports and every other sportsman. Let me clarify that I am not blaming Tendulkar for this. This has been our inability. Thousands of sportsmen are lying in apathy of sports governing bodies, waiting for better days while doing every odd job on the actual globe.

A recent article in India Today has mentioned about a few sportsperson in oblivion- Sita sahu, Shanti Devi, Nauri Mundu, Nisha Rani Dutt and S, Santhi. Their condition has been such that they have been forced to work as labourers at brick kilns and sell vegetables. I dare our so called sports enthusiasts and lovers if they ever heard these names. There has also been the case of a sportsperson who had to sell his medals and trophies for survival.

Media too has been responsible for this condition. Since cricket is the only sports that guarantees TRP shoot, media provides extensive coverage. Where do national hockey and rural kabbadi stand against even the IPLs!

Let us have a look at the actual global scenario of sports and compare them with cricket. Where does cricket stand against Football, Tennis, Rugby, Athletics, Gymnastics and so on. The greatest sporting event, Olympics doesn’t have anything close to cricket and our performance there is really commendable!! Ongoing FIFA World Cup has shown what the people on Globe care and know about, if it comes to sports. Half the world doesn’t even know about cricket and then to expect a Sharapova or a Rooney to know about a Tendulkar is a bit too much. I don’t know how to justify pouncing upon Sharapova on social media.

As an editorial in the Indian Express states- “now at least Sharapova is unlikely to ever forget Tendulkar, or deny knowing him. Mission accomplished, perhaps — except that for the rest of the sporting fraternity who dare not forget his name, Tendulkar will forever remain that guy that Sharapova didn’t know”.

-Piyush Kaviraj

– See more at: http://www.boloji.com/index.cfm?md=Content&sd=Articles&ArticleID=16064#sthash.LYxXSNvZ.dpuf

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The Girl who Didn’t know Tendulkar ! at Boloji.com

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